Your health and safety are our priority, from the ground to the air. Please read carefully those recommendations before your flight.



Please ensure that you meet the requirements to access your destination territory prior to your flight. We remind you that specific restrictions for Covid-19 are in force. 



* This information is subject to change according to the regulations in effect. We invite you to contact your embassy, consulate, or other competent authority for more information.


Wearing a surgical mask in mandatory to access the airport and must be worn for the duration of your flight until you leave the destination airport.

We recommend that you bring multiple masks to cover the entire duration of your trip and suggest that you change your mask every 4 hours.

This measure is mandatory for all passengers over 11 years old.


In order to limit contact, we kindly ask you to check in online. This service will be available 24 hours before your flight. 

At the time of your registration, you will be asked to provide a sworn statement that you are not experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19. We invite you to download the sworn statement at the link provided below and fill it in prior to registration.

Sworn statement


In order to facilitate your boarding and landing procedures, and to limit contact onboard the aircraft, we invite you to bring a minimum amount of cabin baggage.

We remind you that you can check in up to 2 pieces of luggage per passenger, with a maximum of 70lbs each.

Goods not permitted in your luggage.


To prevent contact between passengers, access to the lounges will not be permitted.

In addition to facilities to enable regular hand washing, hydroalcoholic gel dispensers are available throughout your journey through the airport.

At check-in you will be asked to fill in a self-declaration certificate stating that you do not have any symptoms associated with Covid-19.

Boarding and disembarkation will take place gradually, in compliance with current social distancing rules. We invite you to follow the instructions given by the ground staff.

Signage and markings on the ground have been put in place to limit contact with others. We invite you to respect them throughout your journey in the terminal.

For more information regarding your reception at the airport, please consult the following pages:
Paris ORLY  New York NEWARK 


Our latest-generation aircraft are equipped with an automatic circulation system that renews the air every 3 minutes, as well as HEPA filters (operating theatre type filters) that filter out dust, bacteria and viruses present in the air.

Our cabin-cleaning procedures have been reinforced with even stricter hygiene measures, in addition to a complete disinfection of the cabin between each flight (in compliance with EASA standards).

All of our personnel are equipped with protective equipment (mask and gloves) and have been trained to administer in-flight medical assistance.