Le Supercoin

the pop culture beer bar

the pop culture beer bar

What is the first tenet of hipster ideology? Well, craft beer, of course. Le Supercoin is one of the first and only craft beer joints in Paris, hidden away in Montmartre a short walk from Sacré-Cœur. The fact that the bar refers to itself as a “Bistrot Pop Rock Garage” on its website might give you a little hint about the vibe of the place. It's where pop culture and beer come to meet. With trivia nights, decks of cards to play games, DJ sets, and social media accounts full of memes and jokes, the pretentiousness of beer craft beer drinker culture stops at the door. While it only serves three rotating beers on tap, Supercoin has an extensive five-page selection of bottled French craft beers. The ambiance and unique beer menu is well worth the trek to the 18th arrondissement.

Image: Le Supercoin Facebook

3 Rue Baudelique
75018 Paris
+09 50 07 04 90